FCC opens airwaves for future of mobile devices

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The FCC in the U.S. has opened up unused airwaves which became available when TV’s transitioned to digital signals last year. This newly available spectrum will allow tech companies to usher in a new wave of mobile devices. However, the strength of these airwaves is especially strong which will allow gadgets to do things they are not capable of doing right now.

For instance, this can be an important stepping stone to enable internet connectivity in subway stations and in the trains throughout the U.S. It will also make it easier to have broadband in rural areas allowing everyone access to high-speed internet. In addition, this new spectrum can make it possible for people to have WiFi access just about anywhere they go. This opens up possibilities for municipalities to offer blanket WiFi access for free or a subscription which will bring in revenue for local governments.

Having WiFi everywhere you go that is strong and stable will likely be a major factor for people to be able to watch movies and TV shows on their mobile devices far more frequently than is currently occurring. It can also make international telephone calls be extremely cheap or even free which will make the world even more connected. The FCC controls only the U.S., but it is likely that other advanced countries will follow suit soon if they have not done so already. This decision shows us a glimpse of the future of the internet and the mobility of it. It is very possible that this will usher in completely new types of devices that have not been thought of yet due to the increased airwave signal strength.

In about two years from now, or maybe a bit sooner we will begin to see these new technologies appear on the market. We should all be looking forward to that.