Facebook trying to change the world, again

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You may or may not have heard by now about Facebook’s new messaging platform that will attempt to change how people currently¬†communicate. They will be launching a platform that aims to bring in all communication you have with a person under one ‘roof’. The idea is that it is too cumbersome to remember who you usually email and who you usually text message. They want to include all emails, chats, texts and Facebook messages under that person that you are communicating with so that it doesn’t matter how you or they receive and reply to the dialogue.

They hope that this platform will be the way of the future and their argument for it is that the younger generation does not use email very much. However, since the older generation does use a lot of email, this creates many different methods that people have to use just to communicate with one another. There is a lot of truth to that notion. However, there is one big key that must be handled properly for this to truly be world changing.

Although more than half a billion people use Facebook, not everyone does and more importantly, everyone has certain people they communicate regularly with that they would rather not have on their friends list on Facebook. I am thinking of your bosses, teachers and other people. Facebook has to make this platform useable for those that do not have a Facebook account and/or would not want to be invited into someone they knows’ friends list, making them have to either accept reluctantly or decline (which would also be awkward).

I am always intrigued when a major influential tech company has the goal of changing the world and has the capacity to actually achieve it. Facebook already did it once for many people and if done correctly, this can be even bigger than their social network.