Facebook evidence in divorce court

I read a very interesting article recently in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (click here to read it) about how Facebook is a leading source of evidence for divorce attorneys. A recent poll showed that 66% of attorneys called Facebook the “unrivaled leader in online divorce evidence”. MySpace was second with 15% and then Twitter, with 5%. If the current trend holds however, I would expect MySpace to become less of a factor over time as its popularity is slipping.

One divorce lawyer (I am sure all good divorce lawyers will say this as well) said that the first piece of advice given to a new client is to close their Facebook account. I would also say that you should make sure your info and pictures do not make their way to your friends’ Facebook pages. Also, ask your good friends that may still have your soon-to-be-ex on their friends list to keep an eye on what that ex posts on his/her Facebook page as this can be very useful evidence in your divorce case.

If you are wondering what this has to do with business then the answer should be obvious. Divorces are big business. A lot of money and assets are transferred from the couple entity to each individual person or entity. Depending on the value of these assets, it can be many millions. Imagine you are going through a custody battle or trying to retain millions of dollars that your ex is now looking to keep for herself/himself and you ended up losing the case because a picture of you in a fist fight or holding drugs made its way to your Facebook page and through the grape vine your ex found it and used it against you in divorce court. There would be nothing more frustrating than that.

Facebook does have many advantages and can even be valuable in business but, information about you that can be used as evidence in court is definitely not one of them.