Exporting to China

Obama-China Nov10 at G20 in SK Pictures, Images and Photos

China’s President, Hu Jintao has just wrapped up an important trip to the United States. He was invited to an official state dinner at the White House with President Obama and other important guests. He also agreed to large business deals with the U.S. President worth about $45 billion. Some people did not like that China’s President was given such respect from the White House because of China’s human rights violations and that they are communists.

However, the only thing that is really important about China is business. The fact is that if China opens their very big doors to U.S. companies and allow them to easily sell their products and services to the people of China, then it really doesn’t matter how bad their human rights violations are or what government structure they practice. I know it sounds bad, but this is reality. On this trip, China has indicated to the U.S. that they will be more lenient in letting American companies do business there and will also make changes to rules that currently allow Chinese companies to effectively steal Intellectual Property. This type of news is more important to people outside of China than if they said that they would be better on human rights or became a democracy.

There is a silver lining to this cold fact. If businesses from the U.S. (and other countries as well) have fairer laws that allow them to conduct business there closer to the way they do here then that can have a major impact on the other two issues the West has with China (they actually have more than two issues with China, but that’s beside the point). The modernization of business in a country creates consumerism and that creates individualism. These two “isms” are very important to people’s identity and freedoms. When a society has a lot of individualism and consumerism, the power begins to shift to those individuals and consumers and that brings individual freedom. Perhaps the U.S. will be able to export more than just goods and services to China eventually. Regardless, exporting a lot of the goods and services to China is what everyone is really looking for right now.