Egypt may have to learn hard way with Israel

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There is a new Egypt these days. In fact, in some ways there is a new Middle East. The Arab world, all of which is run by dictators have sealed off outside, accurate information about the world and their own countries. However, technology has allowed this information to reach the people despite the efforts of the dictators. The education and much of the information is still incorrect because we are talking about decades of misinformation and education that allowed these dictators to run their countries with impunity and is largely based on falsehoods.

Case in point: the Egypt-Israel peace treaty. This peace treaty is good for Egypt, Israel, the Middle East and the world. Citizens from both countries benefit from it and not having this peace in place would be awful for Egyptians and Israelis. However, the polls suggest that a majority of Egyptians would like to annul or scrap this important peace treaty. Obviously, this means that the same numbers of Egyptians are grossly mislead about the issue. Under Mubarak Egypt kept the peace treaty and abided by it, as did Israel. However, dictators need an outside enemy to keep control of their people. Israel fit the bill for Mubarak (and every other Arab dictator) and he even mislead them about the history and results of previous wars with Israel.

It appears that since this is a new Egypt that is run by the people for the first time, all the lessons may need to be learned all over again. This means at least one more major war with Israel. The result will obviously be the same, with Israel winning and hopefully it will be enough for Egyptians to want peace with Israel. This time they are likely to see the true results of the war, thanks to technology and the lack of a dictator.

I wish that Egyptians would all just Google the Egypt-Israel war history (on trusted websites) and learn the easy way that peace is much better and war will not end well, especially for them. However, it appears that they may very well choose the path of learning by first hand experience. It is unfortunate, but that’s the price everyone pays when a country is ruled by a dictator for so long.