Driverless cars approved for use in U.S. state

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The state of Nevada is the first jurisdiction in North America to allow people to use driverless vehicles on roads. Google has been testing such a technology for some time now. There is also an idea that may not be too far fetched that allows the cars to connect in a virtual chain or “train” which will allow drivers to become passengers and let the first car in the “train” control the rest electronically. This would allow for higher speeds and more efficient travel. The drivers turned passengers in the chain would not need to watch the road and can get a head start on work.

Most likely, everyone reading this post including myself has never actually seen a driverless car operate in person. However, the technology is there already and once it is perfected it can change our lives. Most people (especially those that live in cities) spend a lot of time in traffic every day. This forces them to wake up earlier for work and arrive home later in the evening. The potential that driverless cars have is that they can significantly cut down traffic and if the entire route is done without the driver’s involvement, then people would be able to use the travel time to be more productive.

This technology will not become common place until two major things occur. First, all jurisdictions in North America need to approve these vehicles and they also need to commit to making the tweaks to infrastructure that would help the process along. Things like internet connectivity throughout a city, as well as, traffic lights and signs that can communicate with these cars. The other major action that needs to take place is for a major auto maker to use this technology in a car. Once this happens, the rest may follow and the future of transportation will be upon us. I am looking forward to this day.