Dress for success

When working for someone, whether it’s a big or small company, the dress code for work is always easy to obtain. You usually need to wear a uniform if that is the requirement or a suit, or slightly less formal business attire, depending on the business and your position. However, what do you wear if you are the top boss? An entrepreneur decides for himself what to wear to work everyday. The choice can be anything he wants because he reports to no one.

However, what an entrepreneur decides to wear to work is more important than the other employees at a company. The entrepreneur or CEO can dictate many things with the attire he decides to go with. Some entrepreneurs make it a point to dress casually instead of wearing any kind of suit, unless it is a special occasion. Doing this will lighten up the mood in the office and make him seem more approachable. It can also send a signal that he does as he chooses which can resonate with some other executives that he meets with.

Dressing casually also has drawbacks as well. It can reduce the amount of respect one gets from colleagues even his own employees to some extent. When a person wears a suit, humans have been conditioned to automatically give that person a higher level of respect. The lack of respect that can come with dressing casually can have negative impacts on how the company operates and how other companies view that entrepreneur. Another drawback is that in certain situations when meeting with other companies, if they are all in suits and you are in casual clothes then they might be offended and think you don’t respect them. The ramifications from this can be very harmful to the meeting and the relationship with them.

Wearing a suit has other advantages beyond the respect level I mentioned. It also is a little more versatile than casual wear. When a man wears a suit and realizes that he is a little over dressed for the occasion, he can simply remove the tie and undo the top button on his shirt. This will instantly transform his attire in to business casual. Also, it is generally better to be overdressed than underdressed. You definitely don’t want to be in a big meeting or corporate party where everyone is in a suit and you are the only one in jeans or khakis. However, even if you are the only one in a suit, you can always say you’re coming straight from another meeting and you will not be looked upon negatively.

Deciding how to dress is very important for the entrepreneur. This is just one more example of how every little decision an entrepreneur makes is more important than that same decision is being made by anyone else. Thinking carefully about what message you want to send and what others may be wearing are two important factors when deciding how to dress.