Does SNL influence U.S. politics?

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The popular satirical TV show, Saturday Night Live is embedded in North American culture. Many of the stars in the show throughout its history have gone on to become Hollywood stars. SNL is also known for its political sketches. No politician is spared on that show and many of them are made fun of for many weeks consecutively. Sometimes, certain politicians are made fun of so much that one would think that it is actually affecting their real life image and job security.

If you recall during the eight year Bush Presidency, George W. Bush was made fun of for many of the things that he did during his tenure. Often times, comedian Will Farrell would play the role of President Bush and made him look like an idiot. Now, there is no telling if this affected his popularity or what the general public thought of him, but it certainly could not have helped.

Then there was Sarah Palin. Played by Tina Fey, the Sarah Palin character on SNL was very dumb and unfit to be a Vice President. The SNL character became almost as popular as the politician and the likeness in appearance that Tina Fey had with Sarah Palin actually made it difficult to tell them apart. Sarah Palin is viewed by the majority of people as someone that is not the sharpest tool in the shed and definitely not qualified to hold an important position like Vice President or President. But was it because of SNL? Or was it because of the real Sarah Palin?

Now, the SNL political target is Delaware Senate candidate, Christine O’Donnell. Played on SNL by Kristen Wiig, O’Donnell is portrayed as a witch (stemming from comments she made in her past about it) and also as someone that is perhaps not qualified for the position she is running for (although she is not portrayed as quite the idiot as Sarah Palin was, at least not yet). The polls already showed that O’Donnell is not likely to win the election but, it will be interesting to see if she drops further in the polls and if so, then perhaps it has something to do with SNL.