Does Quebec want to separate again?

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I recently read an article in the Toronto Star (click here to read it) that discussed Bloc Quebecois party leader, Gilles Duceppe talking about Quebec separating from Canada. Most people thought this issue was dead and resolved in 1995 when Quebec held a referendum and the people chose to remain a part of Canada. However, Duceppe says that this issue is far from resolved and Quebec will eventually separate.

He made these comments at a press conference in Washington D.C. in front of Canadians and Americans. Surely, many people were surprised to hear such statements because to everyone outside of Quebec it is very clear which is the right choice. Obviously, Quebec is far better off being a part of Canada than being a sovereign country. This is even truer now than in 1995 due to the oil sands found in Alberta. A sovereign Quebec will not benefit from those resources and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

The fact is that in North America, the real power and influence is with the United States. Canada benefits greatly from NAFTA. However, if Quebec separates then there is a risk that NAFTA will be reopened which is bad for Canada, the U.S. and of course, Quebec. Duceppe tried to get U.S. support for his cause in the event of a Quebec separation, however, who do you think the U.S. would side with in that event? Between non-Quebec Canada and the U.S., the two nations are incredibly similar. They share similar culture, the same language, similar interests, values and the list goes on and on. Quebec only shares some of these traits and has a lot less in common with the U.S. than does the rest of Canada. This fact is in addition to the resources being in Alberta and the economic engine being in Ontario. Who would you side with if you were them?

If a referendum does occur again in the future, I hope most Quebecois will be smarter than Gilles Duceppe and see what is obvious to everyone else. If this issue gathers steam, I will likely follow up.