Do social media experts understand business?

Mobile Social Media Marketing Expert Pictures, Images and Photos I recently read an article that was forwarded to me by a friend that takes the position of the social media expert to task. To read the article, click here. The article completely delegitimizes the role of a social media expert and says they are completely useless for companies to have them on their staff. There is a lot of truth to his words since just about every medium to large company today has or is planning to have a social media expert or a team of them to head up that part of the marketing effort. Yet, many do not have a solid understanding of business fundamentals.

Social media is still in its infancy and companies are still trying to figure out how to use it and how much of a factor it can really be to the bottom line. As the article suggests and as I have discussed in previous postings, social media is only one cog in the marketing plan wheel. Alone it cannot do much at all for a business. Yet without it, the company may not be as successful as it otherwise would be with a strong social media presence. It is not the most important part of marketing by any means. A good product is the most important thing to a business. The best social media effort will fail miserably if the product is no good. However, the business is likely to still succeed with a great product and no social media at all. The article mentions customer service as another important aspect to good business, which obviously true as well.

The bottom line to having a sustainably positive bottom line is first relying on the fundamentals of business. This starts with a good product/service offering, followed by great customer service and continues with a focus on never being complacent and looking to constantly improve the two aspects I just mentioned. In addition to good products and customer service is a great staff. People make the business.

As time goes on, companies will eventually realize the true value of social media. Since it is still new, it is put on an artificial pedestal and everyone thinks it is crucial to the marketing effort. The reality is that it can enhance it if done correctly but, it is not absolutely essential for success. Companies will also have to learn how to use and more importantly how not to use social media experts. As the article correctly points out, if a social media expert is not doing the right thing then it can hurt the company more than it will help. Once companies realize this then the social media experts of the world will gain a much needed dose of humility and will realize that they need to know the fundamentals of business before they write their first official tweet.