Do organic veggies have more nutrients?

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As reported in the Los Angeles Times yesterday (click here to read it), a Danish study found that organic veggies have no more nutrients than conventionally grown veggies. If you look at how these veggies are actually grown, then it should make complete sense to you that this would be the case. I didn’t actually think a study would have to prove such a thing. However, it turns out that there are a bunch of people out there that mistakenly believed that organic produce carries more nutrients than conventional produce.

This doesn’t mean you should not pay more to buy organic. Depending on the veggie or fruit, some of them are healthier for you as organically grown rather than conventionally grown. Some types of produce are difficult to remove the pesticides and chemicals that conventional produce is sprayed with. For others, this is not an issue as the chemicals never actually touch the edible part of the vegetable or fruit. This is the main reason to buy organic. It doesn’t mean there are more nutrients in those organic veggies and fruits, just less/no harmful chemicals. Again, this is not true for every veggie and fruit, so you should do your homework before wasting money on expensive produce for zero benefits.

In addition, there are some that believe that organic produce will not have outbreaks of Salmonella or E. coli, among other outbreaks that occur in the food supply from time to time. This is also not true. In fact, just recently there was a large recall of several types of greens in the U.S. and Canada that came from an organic farm in the U.S. Organic produce is no less likely to transfer these nasty bacteria to humans than conventionally grown produce.

 It is about being properly informed, being smart and not getting played by marketers. There is no need to waste money buying certain produce that is grown organically if it is exactly the same as the conventional version of that veggie or fruit. For other veggies and fruits, you are better off buying organic because the extra money will result in fewer chemicals entering your body. Do your homework on which veggies and fruits are worth buying organic and which are not. To help you speed up your homework if you want to know which veggies and fruits should be purchased organic, I recall watching Dr. Oz discussing this exact topic a while back on The Dr. Oz Show. I’m sure you can find it online.