Do informercials work?

foreman grill Pictures, Images and Photos We’ve all seen them, often times they are found on the weekend or late at night on our various channels. They are annoying, boring and even unintentionally funny to watch. They usually showcase some of the worst acting imaginable which only makes watching them even more frustrating and comical. Yet, they still air every weekend and late at night and we all know that 30 minute timeslots on TV are not cheap even when they are during down times from a TV watching perspective.

Infomercials can work in selling products directly to consumers. They certainly don’t work for all products though and generally are best when used at the beginning of a product’s life cycle. When a product is already well established and readily available in stores, then infomercials tend to lose their effectiveness. However, if done as one of the introductory marketing initiatives for a new and unique product, then they can be a good and profitable way to generate sales and exposure for the product and brand. This effect is amplified if the company is able to attract a well known personality (i.e. George Foreman).

When I talk about infomercials I am not referring to running a spot on a shopping channel. Although they seem very similar, those networks often require you to agree to certain terms like inventory arrangements that most small businesses would see as unreasonable. However, if all the pieces fit for an infomercial like timing, the type of product you’re selling, the capital you have to put it together and finding the right production company to help make it happen, then this can be a good option to use when first launching a product into the market.