Divorce gift registry?

UK department store chain Debenhams has launched a divorce gift list. I find this idea very interesting, original and truly a sign of our evolving society. It is basically the same as registering for a wedding gift list only it’s done when you have a divorce. If you think about it this is actually something that should have a good amount of demand as we all know the divorce rates in many western countries. When a couple is divorced, typically one person gets the house and the living necessities and the other ends up having to start all over again having to buy furniture, cutlery, dishes, etc… In some cases the couple spits the belonging in which case both might register… separately of course.

There is definitely a need for this type of service here in North America and it can actually be a good business idea for someone. As far as I know, this is not a service that is being offered by anyone in Canada or the US so there might be an opportunity for someone to start a third party service for this purpose and work with stores to offer their products. When someone gets divorced they typically lean on their close friends and family for all kinds of help and less close friends are often empathetic to their struggles and will be willing to help out as well. Also, it takes a different approach to the concept of divorce. In order for this to work well for the registrar he/she would need to have some sort of party or get together and invite a bunch of people. This means that it would put a positive spin on the divorce which is good for the spirits of the divorcee.

For a company to offer this type of service and for it to actually make sense shows how our society has evolved, not necessarily in a positive way in this case. Actually, maybe it is positive because in some ways it enables people to take matters that would otherwise be serious issues and makes them lighter in importance. If it becomes not a big deal to have a divorce when a couple sees their marriage is not working like they had hoped then they can just decide that they’ll go their separate ways, have a divorce party and start all over again with a smile. I am a little old fashioned when it comes to the idea of marriage so I’m not sure I agree with that stand point, but I certainly understand it.

Back to the business side of things, you do not always have to come up with a business idea yourself for it to be great. Sometimes, great ideas have already been thought of but putting those ideas to work in the right market, with the correct approach and good execution can lead someone who did not invent the idea to greater success than the original idea generator. It will be interesting to see if in the next few years this idea makes its way across the pond.