Disney adapting to changes in society

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Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL has noticed a change in our society. As an article in the NYT reports (click here to read it) Disney has noticed that people have no more patience and want instant gratification. When people line up for a ride at Disney World today they are likely more anxious than they used to be ten years ago.  To counter this new development in our society, Disney is using technology to make the experience more productive and entertaining.

They have developed a complex system that monitors line ups and traffic at various rides, attractions and restaurants within Disney World. The system can alert the staff when there is a long line up at a particular ride and will enable them take measures to either entertain the people waiting in line or guide them to a ride with a shorter line. Doing this will enhance the visitor’s experience and will increase the chance of that visitor returning to Disney World in future.

This system will also increase the amount of money visitors spend while at Disney World. When people are waiting in line for a ride or restaurant, they are not spending money. By guiding everyone to a place that has a shorter wait time, it increases the efficiency of Disney World and increases the money spent by the visitors. This has more potential in terms of dollars than even just making them want to return for another visit in the future. By increasing the rides the visitors can go to and allowing them to go to restaurants that are not completely full, it allows people to continuously spend money and be happier. Disney has turned a challenge into an opportunity to make more money and give their customers a better experience. Now that’s what I call a win-win situation.