Disappointing new Winnipeg Jets logo

Yesterday the Winnipeg Jets of the NHL unveiled their new logo. This is the team that moved to Winnipeg from Atlanta (Thrashers) due to weak fan support in that city. Since there already was a Winnipeg Jets NHL franchise in past that moved to Phoenix, the new hockey team owners thought that they needed to give this team a new logo. I agreed with that thought completely as the old Jets logo was boring and outdated. This new logo is inspired by the Royal Canadian Air Force. No problem with that, it shows their respect. What I do have a problem with is that this is an ugly, boring and pathetic logo for a team with a cool name like the “Jets”.

I was really looking forward to this new logo because I believed that there was so much potential to make the best logo in sports. They could have made an awesome logo based on the future of the Canadian Air Force, the F-35. Instead, they based their logo on the aged and near retired F-18 which the government already announced will be replaced with the new F-35 in a few years. Add to that a logo design that looks like it’s out of the 1940′s and you have a disappointment of a logo.

I am a fan of Air Forces. However, logos are not their strong suit. Making a sports team logo after an army logo for an air force is not a good idea. This was a really sad attempt at a logo redesign. Until yesterday, the old Jets logo looked primitive and geriatric, but after this failure of an attempt it now looks like a fair alternative.