Did the next generation iPhone get leaked?

On Monday, the internet news sites and tech sites were filled with a story about the possible leaking of the next generation iPhone. This story was initially reported by a well known tech site called Gizmodo. However, before the day was over news sites like CNN to business sites like Forbes all had reports about the new phone, all of them relating back to the original Gizmodo story.

The story is that an Apple engineer went to a bar with the unreleased phone and had a few too many beers. He then proceeded to leave the bar but due to his drunkenness, accidentally left the phone behind. If this story is true then I would expect this person to be fired because Apple is one of, if not the most secretive consumer products company in the world. They are obsessive about keeping new products completely hidden from the public eye until the moment they are unveiled. So, if this phone really is the new iPhone then it will be interesting to see how Apple handles the unveiling since many people will have already seen it before.

Possible next generation iPhone (left) beside the current iPhone (right).

Possible next generation iPhone (left) beside the current iPhone (right).

Now on to the phone itself: Assuming this is the new iPhone- and that is a very big assumption given Apple’s near perfect track record with secrecy, not too much is known about the technical specs because as the story goes Apple remotely wiped out the software soon after it was found which rendered the found only useful for looking at the hardware it contained. The look of the phone is very different from the current generation iPhones. It is much squarer, more industrial and less flashy in appearance. Speaking of flashy, it does have a flash, as well as, two cameras (one in the front and one in the back).

Personally, at first glance, this phone looks worse to me than the current generation iPhone. Also, I was really hoping that the screen would be bigger on the new version because if you look at the current model, there is definitely some room on all four sides for the screen to stretch. However, it looks like this new version’s screen got smaller, if anything. For this reason alone, I hope that this is just a hoax or some other untruth.

If and when Apple unveils the new iPhone, possibly later this year, will we know how accurate this story was. However, I can’t recall another instance where an Apple product was prematurely leaked, so it is not known how they will handle it if this story is true. Perhaps they will soon come out and just confirm that this is the new generation iPhone or maybe move up the unveiling, who knows? In the mean time, if you want to read the initial story including the video and all the pictures that go with it, here it is.