Dell making a tablet push

Dell Inc., one of the world’s largest PC makers and technology companies will be┬álaunching a tablet product called the Dell Streak this summer. It will first be sold in the UK (next month) and then in the U.S. later in the summer. This decision to debut somewhere other than the U.S., where its headquarters are is intriguing, but not nearly as interesting as the product itself and how it compares to the Apple iPad.

The Streak is substantially smaller in size with a screen about half the size of the iPad, stretching only 5 inches. However, this does make it a bit more convenient for carrying. It actually looks closer in size to the iPhone than an iPad, although it is still too big to put in your pocket. Speaking of the iPhone, the Streak will also have phone capability which is a bit strange since, like I mentioned you can’t put it in your pocket like a normal smartphone. The Streak will run on the Google Android operating system which gives it the ability to multitask (a feature coming soon to iPhone and iPad as well) and will have access to Android’s version of the App Store.

In a demo video I saw on the Streak (see below) it seems to have fairly good speed in loading web pages and some native apps, however, it’s tough to say whether or not it’s faster than the iPad. It has 3G, making it truly mobile which helps and since it is smaller than the iPad, it should be quite a bit more affordable, although prices have not been announced as of yet. The Streak’s small size really only has two main advantages which are the convenience for carrying and the potentially affordable price. If the price is close to the iPad’s price range, then I really see no reason to buy it over the iPad. I would probably not want to watch a full length movie on the Streak because it is just too small for that, but it could be good for web surfing, email, games, navigation, etc…

The Dell Streak is the first real competitor that the iPad will see, especially one equipped with Android and everyone will be looking very closely to see how many tablets Dell will sell because Apple has seen enormous success with their iPad. If Dell fails to sell at least a respectable number of Streaks then it may hurt their case in being in this space all together. Obviously, everyone will be watching.