Decisions regarding future of cell phone service coming

The Canadian government has announced that it will soon begin discussions and consultations about releasing spectrum for cell phone carriers that will operate in 4G. This is the next step in cell phone technology as it allows you to get data speeds up to the level you currently get through a wired broadband internet connection. Currently, they are looking at around 2013 to have this capability. In addition, the government will also discuss the possibility of allowing foreign competition in Canada in this industry.

First, the 4G network. Canada needs to have this in place in order to compete with other countries and the sooner, the better. In the U.S., Verizon has an early version of 4G and this means that they are already ahead of us (as they and most countries usually are when it comes to cell phones). The government also has to ensure that carriers will not rip off consumers like they usually do because 4G networks cost less money for the carriers and some of those savings should be passed down to consumers. This is something that will likely happen elsewhere in the world, but in Canada, the big three giants (Rogers, Bell and Telus) tend to keep the money in their pockets.

Just as important as 4G, are the foreign ownership laws in this industry in Canada. Currently, a foreign owned company can not technically operate in Canada in the cell phone carrier industry. Wind Mobile has a quasi-exception because they do have some foreign ownership. However, this law is the biggest reason by far that is responsible for Canada being a backwards country in this industry. It is also the reason why Canadians pay more for cell phone services than just about anywhere else on earth. If this law changes then that would great for the consumers, businesses and the country in general. It will also enable Canada to no longer lag behind everyone else in this industry and be closer to the top like it should be. Hopefully the government will realize this and act accordingly.