Court verdict depends on judge’s hunger

gavel Pictures, Images and PhotosI read a very interesting study yesterday that will surely make you plan the timing of your next court case, whether for traffic reasons, business litigation or otherwise. The study looked at cases involving convicted criminals who wanted parole or better terms. They found a very clear and impressive pattern that shows that if the case was taking place right after a meal then the odds of a favourable verdict for the defendant was about 65%. However, if the case took place right before a meal, then there was almost a 0% chance that the verdict would be favourable for the defendant. In short, hungry judges are not good for defendants.

This information is extremely powerful for lawyers and the general public. Regardless of the type of court case it is, if you are a defendant then you should always try to have your case heard first thing in the morning or right after lunch. If you scheduled to have your case heard at 11:30am or 4pm, you may want to try and reschedule.

Usually in studies, there are patterns and trends that point to some finding. However, the patterns are not usually this drastic or clear. It is so eye popping in fact, that I can see lawyers wanting to┬áre-litigate┬ácases based on the fact that they were heard right before lunch. I don’t know if it would work, but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone tried it. This information will surely be extremely valuable to law firms and big businesses around the world. I usually don’t think about the researchers’ ability to profit from a study, only what the results mean in business terms. However, if the institution and/or researches wanted, they could charge a very pretty penny for this interesting piece of information.