Corruption may hinder China’s future

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Most people know by now that China is on pace to surpass the U.S. in economy size. There is no exact date as different experts give different dates for when this will happen. However, they all agree that it will eventually happen and probably by 2050 at the latest. Unfortunately for China, there is something that seems to be deeply ingrained in the Chinese government and decision makers that might risk this inevitability from happening at all. That thing is corruption and it is rearing its head in some massive infrastructure projects throughout China.

China is in the midst of a major project of building high speed rail tracks throughout the country that aims to connect many of the 1.3 billion people in the country in a very efficient manner. This plan is important for China’s future as good and efficient infrastructure is essential for an economy to succeed. They are also building a bunch of airports to create a complete transportation system for the country. These two plans have recently been found to be the source of a lot of corruption. The decision makers of these plans are lining their pockets with money from people who have an interest in these rail tracks and airports being situated in certain locations. These locations are not necessarily what you would call good planning or even logical. If this continues then the result could be a very vast and impressive network of high speed rail tracks that fail in their task of moving people from one important place to another important place.

Some are already saying that this can cause China to either significantly stretch the time it will take them to surpass the U.S. economy or prevent it altogether. It is unclear at this point if this is true. However, the U.S. interstate highway system was and is essential in the U.S. economy’s success and efficiency. If that system was designed through corruption versus sound planning, the U.S. economy would certainly not be as strong as it has become. China needs to fix their corruption quickly or they will not reach the quality of life for their population that they hope to one day achieve.