Conan premiere beats other late night talk shows in ratings

Conan Obrien Pictures, Images and Photos

According to all the leading news outlets, Conan O’Brien’s new late night talk show on cable network TBS beat all the other late night talk shows by a wide margin for its premiere episode in a key demographic. The key demographic is the 18-49 crowd which is the most important one of the demographics for this type of show. Many people have been waiting patiently for the new Conan show, titled simply, Conan, to debut.

Of course, the ratings battle was not completely fair that night because it was the premiere of the show which obviously got higher ratings than it otherwise would. Still, this is better than experts expected and that bodes well for Conan moving forward. It will be interesting to see how these ratings hold up during the first week, first month and beyond. Since TBS is a cable network, it is not expected to be able to draw as many viewers as Leno’s or Letterman’s shows which air on broadcast channels, but that advantage didn’t seem to help NBC or CBS last night.

I watched the Conan premiere and thought it was funny. I really liked the set Conan O’Brien had on NBC when he took over the Tonight Show and I thought this new set on TBS was a little cheaper looking. I also felt that it didn’t have quite as much light on the set as the Tonight Show set had and I wish it had more. Also, Conan’s first guest was Seth Rogan which is not as big of a star as I expected the first guest to be. I don’t know if that’s because TBS couldn’t bring in huge stars or because Conan O’Brien wanted Rogan to be his first guest. Then again, Tom Hanks was last night’s guest so perhaps it wasn’t that TBS couldn’t bring in a bigger star.

As a Conan O’Brien fan, I hope this new show is a success. In fact, I hope it somehow beats The Tonight Show with Jay Leno every night because that would only be fitting.