Shay Shnet of Blue Cosmetics – Company and entrepreneur feature

Every so often, I like to focus on an up and coming company and/or entrepreneur. Blue Cosmetics North America and its CEO, Shay Shnet, uses a new technology that is revolutionizing the cosmetic industry. We don’t normally associate technology with skin care, but this technology is different. The technology Blue Cosmetics ( uses is a printed battery.

Blue Cosmetics North America CEO, Shay Shnet is the entrepreneur behind this great company. The product utilizes printed batteries which are safe and easy for people to use and allows them to temporarily remove their wrinkles. Combined with special Dead Sea lotions that are rich with important minerals, the results start to border impossibility. Shay Shnet even coined the term “Cinderella Effect” because he noticed that after trying the product, which is a 20 minute treatment consisting of patches placed under the eyes, users would stand in front of the mirror feeling like Cinderella. Although the product is great and has enormous potential for growth, Shay Shnet is really the story here.

He has an inspiring story of coming to Canada at a young age and trying to figure out how to make it in business. Like all great entrepreneurs, Shay Shnet has shown that he is not afraid to fail. However, it is clear that he has figured out what it takes to be successful and is now poised to be a leader in business in Canada for years to come. With Shay Shnet at the helm, Blue Cosmetics has great potential as well because aside from competent management, the printed battery technology has great versatility.

Shay Shnet has plans to turn these printed batteries into an effective pain relieving product, beauty mark and blemish eraser and other incredible innovations. The best part is that these batteries are safer than other products on the market and are proof that technology, combined with high quality entrepreneurs like Shay Shnet can achieve just about anything.