CNN’s Rick Sanchez fired for offensive remarks about Jews

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This past Friday, CNN fired one of its top news anchor’s Rick Sanchez. The day before he appeared on a satellite radio talk show where he railed against comedian Jon Stewart and suggested that the media is controlled by Jews. He also said that Jews are not discriminated against and that they and white people look down upon Latino Americans such as himself.

CNN acted quickly in firing him, but it is not surprising because he even suggested that the network he works for is also run by Jews. He didn’t mean these things in a nice way either. Sanchez was on his way up the ladder at CNN and already had his own news show, Rick’s List which aired during the day. All the years of hard work that Sanchez put in was washed away with one big error in judgment. However, perhaps having these untrue and negative thoughts and points of view are the real cause for his eventual demise because it was only a matter of time until the world saw his true colors.

This is a good example of how a lot of hard work can be undone with one poor decision. It also serves as an example that harboring racist and untrue beliefs will eventually catch up with you and when it does it can cost you more than you think. Someone of his stature in the business and with all of the resources he had should have known not only not to say those things but more importantly that they are not accurate.