Closer to settling climate change debate

Ultra-high-energy cosmic rays cause particle showers on Earth Pictures, Images and Photos
Although some people do not like to admit it, the scientific community is not in unanimous agreement over global warming being caused by humans. Most scientists do believe that this is the case, but there certainly are some that are not so sure. Recently however, an experiment was conducted by CERN (multinational organization with some of the best scientists and a lot of funding for experiments like the LHC) that aims to settle the debate once and for all.

Besides climate change being a man made phenomenon, the other theory some scientists believe is the culprit being cosmic rays from the sun. The idea is that when the sun releases its rays towards earth those rays enter the atmosphere and basically promote cloud formation. When the sun releases less rays, less clouds are formed, making the earth warmer because of increased sunshine.

The first part of the experiment to see if this theory has merit was recently conducted. According to an article in the Nature journal, where the results were published (click here to read it), there is definitely cause for further study of this theory. The experiment did in fact show a significant connection between cosmic rays and cloud formation. So much that climate change activists are taking notice.

Now this experiment is just the first phase of the study and a lot more needs to be done. However, this throws a monkey wrench in what was almost a won debate. It now appears that there may be another explanation for climate change that has nothing to do with humans.