Chrysler upsets people in new ad

2010 Dodge Grand Caravan Pictures, Images and Photos

A Toronto Star article (click here to read it) recently reported that Chrysler has upset many people, including employees and retirees this month with a misleading advertisement. Their full page ad in a Windsor, Ontario newspaper suggested that it is offering 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan minivans for $18,895 to “all Chrysler employees and retirees”. In the fine print on the ad it said that “Advertised offers only apply to eligible Chrysler Canada employees and retirees.”

The problem with the ad is that it is actually not true. In fact, anyone can get that deal if they ask for it and even if this ad was true, that would be discriminatory to everyone else that is not a Chrysler employee or retiree. Aside from perhaps upsetting or leading non-employees or retirees to thinking they will have to pay more, I see this ad as being very insulting to their own employees and retirees.

If you work for Chrysler or spent your career working for them, you expect to be treated well at work and outside of work as well. You should not have to think for one second that an advertisement that is targeted to you as an employee or retiree would be misleading or incorrect in any way. You should be able to trust your company that they are really offering you a special deal as a result of your hard work for them through the years. However, this ad destroys that trust and good faith and that is truly disgusting.

An employee of Chrysler can and likely did go into a Chrysler showroom and buy a new 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan for the advertised price thinking he/she got a really good deal because of their special relationship with the company. Then, five minutes later some random customer probably walked in to the same showroom and received the exact same deal. Essentially, Chrysler screwed their own employees and retirees and it shows a lot about the company. With this lack of respect for its employees and retirees, it is no big surprise that they make below average cars in terms of quality.