China’s new stealth fighter jet and aircraft carrier missile

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China spends more on their military every year than any other country on earth except the United States. However, the U.S. spends well over six times as much as China. The U.S. uses all that extra money to maintain the most advanced and capable military in human history. They are known for among other things, superior aircraft carriers that house many fighter jets, nuclear missiles and can reach anywhere on earth.

It turns out however, that China is developing a missile that can sink these aircraft carriers. This is actually not news. What is news is that they are closer to completing their work on this new missile than the U.S. expected. The same goes for a new Chinese stealth fighter jet. The jets are likely inferior to the American stealth fighter jets that are in the pipeline (F35 and F22), but that is not the point. At a time when the U.S. government is looking to slash all of their budgets in order get their national debt under control, they are faced with having to invest in new technologies to stay ahead of countries like China.

China is saying that their new weapons are only for defence, but that raises an interesting question. Why would China need such a defence against the U.S.? Their future aircraft carrier killer would really only be used on defence if the U.S. attacked them, which is obviously not a real threat. It seems that China is building up their military in order to influence the world, much like the U.S. has been doing since the end of World War II. There is a major difference between the two countries though. The world, at least the Western and free world, is much better off with the U.S. being the only super power than a world with China being a super power.

It seems that although the U.S. does need to keep looking to cut their spending throughout the government departments, they do need to keep investing in new military technologies. A strong U.S. military is good for the economy and security of people living in the Western and free world.