China to introduce their first large jet plane

It is China’s next goal that they are trying to achieve. They already have the design and plans in place. It is called the C919, built by Comac (Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd.) and is comparable to the Boeing 737 and Airbus A320. According to a report in the LA Times (click here to read it), the government backed Chinese airplane manufacturer is scheduled to introduce a full-scale mockup of the 150-passenger jet this week at an air show in China. They currently plan to begin selling this plane in 2016, although delays for new models in this industry are not uncommon.

For China, this new plane represents a lot of national pride and importance. Sure, most of the important parts are American made, by American companies, but still, this plane is a sign for the Chinese of their future as a global advanced country and player in the business world. After all, if successful, this would only be the third competitor in the entire world that produces large jets. So far however, it seems that U.S. based Boeing and European based Airbus are not too concerned about this new potential competitor. This is likely because they have seen this movie before. It is not the first time that a country has put in a lot of resources in an attempt to establish a global large jet manufacturer only to fail in the end. With that said, most analysts do expect China to achieve their goal eventually but, it takes more than just existing to threaten the stranglehold that Boeing and Airbus have on the market.

Still, some people in the U.S. are upset with large American firms like Honeywell, GE and others (as well as, French companies) because they are supplying some of the key parts of this plane. In fact, there are more major American components on this plane than Chinese ones. These companies should not be criticized for doing this because they are a business and China is the fastest growing major market for planes so it would be irresponsible to not do business with them. They also know that Boeing will not suddenly lose its business just because there is a new player in the mix. Regardless, it will be interesting to see if and when China will reach its goal.