China claims to have breakthrough in nuclear technology

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There are reports out of China that scientists there have discovered a breakthrough in nuclear technology. They say they’ve developed a new way to re-process spent nuclear materials that allows them to produce 60 times the power they currently generate with the same amount of material. If proven true, this is very meaningful not only to China, but for the entire world.

Nuclear fuel is considered to be a clean fuel except for the radioactive waste that it produces. Some countries (like China) believe that re-processing this used material is the way to go. However, there have been concerns over the cost and effectiveness of doing this in the current way. It also makes it easier to make nuclear weapons if this method is used, but that’s another story. If however, you can generate 60 times the amount of energy as before with the same amount of material, then that can be a game changer for global energy. Unless there is some other major downfall with this new method, this can become the main energy strategy for not only China, but for the U.S., Europe and the developing world.

For now, not much is known about how the scientists have achieved this breakthrough or if it’s even true, but if it is then China stands to gain a lot from it. Not only will it be able to meet the growing energy demands it has within China, it will also be able to export the technology around the world which will be very lucrative. China is not known as a country that innovates or invents many things, at least not in modern times (they haveĀ had many inventions hundreds and thousands of years ago). For them to come up with a home run like this is impressive, considering that countries like France, UK and Russia have all been working at this for years now. Hopefully they will give everyone more info on if and how they achieved such a breakthrough soon.