Chevrolet tries new option


Many people may not be aware of an option that car buyers have on certain makes, mostly because most people can not afford these particular makes. If you were to buy a new Ferrari, some BMW’s and other cars, then you are given the option to go to the factory in Italy or Germany and watch your car being made and drive it right off the factory property. For car enthusiasts that are paying over $100,000, it can be very exciting to go to the factory to watch their dream vehicle being made.

Chevrolet is not the type of company that one would think of as a super high level car maker. However, they do make one car that if equipped at the higher production end can cost easily over $100,000. That car is the Corvette. Specifically, the Corvette Z06 and ZR1, which is well over that elusive $100,000 price tag. The Corvette has a strong, cult-like following among many North Americans. Many people, especially those who grew up in the US or Canada have dreamed of one day owning a Corvette. This created the opportunity for Chevrolet to offer a similar option that Ferrari and some other high end car makers offer.

However, Chevrolet took this idea even further. Not only will customers of the Z06 and ZR1 be invited to watch their dream car be made in Michigan, they will actually have the opportunity to help build the hand made engine. To my knowledge, this is unprecedented for an automobile manufacturer to offer its customers. This might seem a little strange that an untrained person will be able to help build the engine of a high performance sports car, but I’m sure they won’t be given complex tasks and will be supervised very closely.

According to a CNN article, the cost of this option is about $5,800 and does not include the cost of actually getting to Michigan. Although you might look at it as not only having to work, but also having to pay for it, some others will be very excited to be able to do this. At $5,800, this seems over priced because I don’t see how this costs GM very much money to do. It really should probably be closer to the $1,000-$2,000 range, but when you’re buying a $100,000+ car, then I guess everything is relative.

If the Corvette was my dream car, then maybe I would also like this offer. However even then, I am not sure I would be able to justify paying almost $6,000 for the experience. Either way, Chevrolet deserves credit for their creativity in offering such an option for its customers and maybe it will start a trend among high end car makers.