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A look at the extreme right-wing of America

This weekend was a showcase for the extreme right-wing voters of America. It was the Values Vote Summit, where all the Republican Presidential nominees have their chance to give a speech and then the participating voters choose who they like best in a straw poll. The speeches are highly catered to that extreme right-wing audience [...]

Ontario makes bad choice in election

Ontario will continue to be led by the awful Dalton McGuinty for at least four more years. More than half of people eligible to vote in the Ontario provincial elections yesterday chose not to. Due to this indifference on the part of citizens, Ontario will likely not see the deteriorating health care system improve in [...]

Herman Cain will never win

Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain has about as much of a chance at winning the Republican nomination as the board game Scrabble has at becoming an Olympic sport. Herman Cain, who is African American, has no chance at becoming the Republican nominee for President in the 2012 election. There is no way that Republicans will [...]

New Canadian copyright bill will affect Canadians

The Conservative-led federal government is once again looking to pass an updated copyright bill in Canada that will govern what Canadians can and cannot do with copyrighted music, videos, etc… It isn’t the first time they have tried to pass this bill, but it is the first time they have tried with their new majority, [...]

Ontario election debate

Last night we had the only Ontario election debate before the vote on October 6. It included the top three candidates: current Premier Dalton McGuinty (Liberal), Tim Hudak (Progressive Conservative) and Andrea Horwath (NDP). I didn’t expect to see the next Bill Clinton up there impressing everyone and I was certainly right in my low [...]