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Weakness at home, opportunity in BRIC

The U.S. and European economies are weak and it seems that it will be a while before they begin to grow at a more respectable pace. Large companies are still doing well overall because they don’t only rely on these developed markets. Global brands like Coca-Cola are truly global and markets like the BRIC countries [...]

Mother of all virus cures discovered

I was fully planning on discussing the economy and the fears of a double dip recession, following the big stock market drop and negative economic data yesterday. However, I came across this very interesting article (click here to read it) about a discovery at MIT of a potential cure for almost all viruses. I won’t [...]

Improving how we buy cars

The automotive industry is one of the most cut throat areas of business there is. It is dominated by large auto manufacturers with massive marketing budgets aimed at stealing market share from one another. However, there seems to one area that even these giants of industry have been overlooking. That is the actual sales experience. This also [...]

Discovery against food-borne illnesses

Discovery against food-borne illnesses

I read about a promising new discovery yesterday that could change the way we think about food-borne illnesses (click here if you want to read the article). Most of us are familiar with probiotics. We buy yogurts that contain them and we often pay more for it because of them. They are essentially bacteria that [...]

New era for Cuba coming

Cuba is in the beginning of a series of changes that will hopefully give it some more capitalism and less communism which has plagued it for decades. Fidel Castro is old and unhealthy and yesterday his country set the groundwork for a new future without him and even beyond his brother Raul who is currently [...]