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Conspiracy theorists wrong about Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve System has long been the target of conspiracy theorists. It is the U.S. central bank and is in charge of the U.S. dollar, the largest and most important currency in the world. With that role comes some power. However, since the people in charge of the Federal Reserve (the Fed) are not [...]

Canadian dollar drops below par with USD

The Canadian dollar (CAD) has been worth more than a U.S. dollar (USD) for many months now without letting up. This has forced Canadian businesses which export goods to the U.S. and other countries to make adjustments in their operations when possible because the strong dollar meant their goods were more expensive. Many export businesses [...]

Sanctions on Syria working

Usually when we hear of the U.S. and Europe placing sanctions on some dictator-led country we often just roll our eyes and presume that it will not work. We have seen this happen many times in many places. North Korea is still led by a dictator, same with Iran and the same with Myanmar. However, [...]

Geithner eases some investors’ Europe fears

U.S. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner had an interview on CNBC earlier this week that helped inject a little bit of certainty in the market. He spoke about many issues, but it was when he spoke about the European debt problems that stood out in most people’s minds. He said with complete confidence that Europe would [...]

Greece about to default

Greece is getting closer every day to defaulting on their debt. The entire world is watching and waiting for this inevitability to happen. Some investors and experts are actually saying that it would be good for the global economy if/when Greece defaults. Their reasoning is simple. If Europe allows Greece to default then it will be a [...]