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The most unchanged car to stay the same

The car that is famous (or infamous) for the insult phrase “nice car, does it come in his?” has been around for almost a quarter century. The Mazda Miata has changed very little since its introduction in 1989. for 2013, the new Miata will sit in showrooms, women’s driveways and clueless men’s driveways looking very [...]

Toyota banking on new 2012 Camry

Toyota unveiled their new 2012 Camry yesterday. The 2012 Toyota Camry may be the most important model in Toyota’s history. The major earthquake in Japan earlier this year hurt production and sales of various Toyota vehicles. On top of that, the brand was already struggling to come back from the terrible publicity caused by the [...]

Improving how we buy cars

The automotive industry is one of the most cut throat areas of business there is. It is dominated by large auto manufacturers with massive marketing budgets aimed at stealing market share from one another. However, there seems to one area that even these giants of industry have been overlooking. That is the actual sales experience. This also [...]

Is Chrysler finally starting to get it?

Chrysler is seeing a rise in sales of their crossover, Dodge Journey, as well as, other light trucks (Dodge Caravan and Jeeps) in Canada. According to a Financial Post article (click here to read it), they even beat Ford in this category. Does this mean they are finally beginning to understand how to build a [...]

Mazda facing identity crisis

Mazda Motor Corp. is in the middle of an identity crisis. Unlike most other auto makers, including Ford (which they have been closely aligned with), Mazda does not seem to have a clear strategy in terms of the direction they are headed with their products. They do have one very successful car, especially outside of [...]