Canadians suffer from Continental Jealousy Syndrome

Many Canadians suffer from a condition called Continental Jealousy Syndrome which causes them to be very jealous of other peoples from their continent in various aspects. For Canadians, this refers specifically to Americans. It presents itself mostly during sporting events like the Olympics and the World Cup, as well as, sports leagues like the NHL. It is a problematic condition because virtually all of those who suffer from it do not know they have it or are in denial about having it.

Almost everyone has never heard of this condition, partly because I just came up with the name for it, but also because they never stopped to think about why they really feel the way they do about American success, primarily in sports. It is a condition that makes no sense, since if Canadians really think about it they should be rooting for Americans in sports right after the Canadian contingent and perhaps their original country of origin are out of the running. Instead however, they seem to prefer just about any other country on earth to the U.S.A.

This thinking is completely backwards because after all, Canadians are much more like Americans in many, many ways than we are like any other nation. We also interact with Americans on a day to day basis for work, either as a business owner or employee more than any other nation and our country’s economy is more closely tied to the U.S. than any other nation. Some Canadians disagree with some of the Americans’ foreign policy (others may not disagree with them as much), however, some Canadians would disagree with just about every country’s foreign policy if that country was in the U.S.A.’s shoes, including Canada.

Many Canadians are also turned off by some groups within the American society that seem to be more ignorant, less educated, gun toting and don’t care about any other nation other than their own, however, Canadians also have some of these folks except the numbers are smaller (because our population is smaller) and the rural communities in Canada do not have as much contact with the mainstream media and urban population as they do in the U.S. Since most of that sector of society lives in rural areas, the American ones have a better chance to be seen, heard or encountered by urban/suburban people than the Canadian ones do.

Right now we are in the midst of the 2010 World Cup and in downtown Toronto you can see hundreds of flags on the cars representing all the countries participating in the tournament. With the exception of North Korea (for obvious reasons), the U.S. has less flags on cars than just about any other country. It is also the only country that when someone asks which country a person is rooting for, if the answer is the U.S. then, it draws a negative reaction. Every other country draws a respectful “OK” except the U.S.A. We Canadians should be rooting for the U.S. team to win the World Cup (even though they don’t have a good chance to win it) except for those who were born in another participating country or have parents born in another participating country. This anti-Americanism in sports goes beyond friendly competition, unfortunately.

This Continental Jealousy Syndrome is not healthy or useful for Canadians and really makes us look terrible and back-stabbers to the same country we consider our best friend. It is actually a little embarrassing that so many Canadians despise American success because it really makes us look like the fat friend that is jealous of the skinny friend because she gets all the dates and attention.

It is time for Canadians to stop being the fat, jealous friend to the United States.