Canadians’ privacy is being threatened

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There is currently some very troubling legislation that is being worked on right now in Ottawa that threatens the privacy of Canadians. It specifically has to do with our internet privacy. As a report from the Toronto Star reports (click here to read it), there would be new laws that would potentially take away a lot of the privacy we enjoy through the internet currently. Among other things, the police would have even more access to our personal information and even a window in to what we are doing online. This is very concerning and more people should be aware of this and should be opposing it.

These new laws would make it easier for internet providers to essentially spy on us and the same goes for the police, with less permission needed from the court system. The internet providers would not have to tell you that they’re spying on you. They can just do it and pass the info on to the police. This can potentially happen even if you are completely innocent. We should always be very wary when the government gives the police more powers because in most cases it means that we have fewer rights as a consequence. In some cases this is necessary to keep us safe, but in this case it seems that the extreme cost in rights far outweighs the minimal safety benefit we would see from these new laws.

Of course, we all want the police to be able to find potential terrorists quickly and before they have a chance to attack us. Of course we want child abusers, pedophiles, murders, etc… To be caught before they hurt more people. However, we shouldn’t all have to pay with our rights in order to achieve this. Canada is a very safe place to live in relative to other countries and we do not need to take such extreme measures here at this time. Privacy rights should be thought of by the government as something that is as important as our national security. If they do this then they will be able to strike the right balance between keeping us safe and protecting our rights as free citizens. These news laws seem to destroy that balance and that is unacceptable.