Canadian wireless industry slowly improving

Canada is notorious for being among the worst countries in the world in terms its wireless industry. Canadians pay more for their mobile phone service than just about anyone else. The customer service that Canadians receive in return for that expensive cell phone service is simply terrible. However, with new competitors, albeit tiny in comparison to the big three players (Rogers, Bell and Telus), the wireless industry in Canada is slowly beginning to improve.

Wind Mobile, the largest of these small new competitors announced that they have increased their subscriptions by 30% in the quarter, according to a Toronto Star report (click here to read it). What is the most interesting part of this rise in new customers is the selection of mobile devices that Wind offers. You will not see the Apple iPhone or any other really good phone, for that matter. This means that people are willing to sacrifice a good phone (which is very important to a lot of people) just so that they can leave the big three and go to a more customer friendly and more realistically priced wireless carrier.

Although this news is not surprising since no one likes the big three wireless giants in Canada, it does remind us that this competition is imperative if we ever want to not be the worst country to own a mobile phone in. Wind Mobile also needs to step up its game. They cannot be faulted for their pricing plans, customer service or coverage but, they seriously need to offer good phones. I don’t know how or if they can get the iPhone, but they at least need solid Android phones, a better Blackberry offering and also really good cell phones (as opposed to smartphones). If they do this, then they will begin to see people flock to them in droves. Hopefully this is on the Wind Mobile horizon because Canadians deserve it and need it.