Canada needs new political system

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Canada is a great country. Even with its long and awful winters, it is a great place to live and grow up. It is a strong democracy with opportunity for its citizens. However, like any great democracy, it is not perfect. Sure, having the temperature never dip below room temperature would make it close to perfect, but there is also something else that could use improvement in Canada. That is the political system. Canada uses the parliamentary system which is taken from the UK. Many countries use this system and many of those countries see the same flaws in it.

The parliamentary system is flawed because unless the government has a majority, which is inherently not so common, it is too easy to kick out the Prime Minister and have an early election. Canada is in that place right now with early elections coming in early May. There was an election in 2008 and the polls show that we will see more or less the same results as we did in 2008 which means that the people do not want an election. The same issue happens in Israel and other countries due to this flawed system. So how do we fix it? Some Canadians may not like reading this but the answer is to change the political system to be more similar to the U.S. system.

The U.S. government cannot kick out the President for some disagreement. This allows the President to come up with a 4 year plan to do what he/she wants for the country. Of course, if there is no super majority then the President needs to negotiate and compromise with the opposition parties, but the general plan can still be implemented. It makes no sense to have a leader come in for an unknown period of time because then how can they put forth a long term plan for the country? You don’t do it with companies and we shouldn’t do it with countries.

I know this suggestion may frustrate some Canadians that unnecessarily feel like they need to differentiate themselves from the Americans. Those people should just look at the facts and remove their emotions from it. It is the right thing to do and the better way to run the country. Canada should change its political system from the British parliamentary democracy to something closer to the constitutional republic like the USA.