Canada loses UN Security Council seat, but did they REALLY lose?

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Canada, along with Portugal and Germany were trying to win the two available seats at the UN Security Council. These are temporary positions as the real power in this council rests with the United States, Russia, China, UK and France. Those five countries are permanent members of the Security Council and have veto powers. The rest are temporary seats that rotate and only rarely have the chance to influence decisions.

Still, Canada wanted to win one of these seats, but that will not happen. The reason? Prime Minister Harper’s and thus, Canada’s different approach to foreign policy. The United Nations is notorious for not being fair. In fact, other temporary members of the UN Security Council in the past and/or present include terrorist supporting Syria, Hezbollah controlled Lebanon and Gaddafi led Libya. I guess Canada just isn’t as righteous as those countries. What this decision really shows is that the UN is completely useless and irrelevant in these circumstances. The UN gives one seat to every country in the world. Sounds fair right? The problem is that there are many countries with awful track records on human rights, foreign policy, corruption and the list goes on. Advanced democracies are outnumbered here by quite a bit. This makes for a sketchy UN.

In fact, Canada should be happy they were not voted in as temporary Security Council members. It means that the majority of these violating countries (many of who fund and/or support terrorism and racism) do not agree with Canada’s view points anymore. This should make every Canadian truly proud of their country. I don’t often praise governments as they don’t often deserve it, but PM Harper’s foreign policy is generally much better than the previous government’s. For the first time in a long time Canada’s foreign policy makes me and many other people feel proud to be Canadian when it comes to this issue.

Congrats Canada, on not being accepted by most violative countries!