Canada and U.S. closer to a union

canada/ usa unite Pictures, Images and Photos The governments of Canada and the United States are discussing making the border that separates them a little less important. Although most of the details have not been announced or even drawn up yet, it is clear that the goal is to streamline American and Canadian policies on goods and people entering Canada and the U.S.

Although there is already a free trade agreement in place between the two countries, the various regulating agencies are kept separate. Agencies like the ones that govern food importation policies, immigration policies and customs policies are currently left to each country’s own agencies. By streamlining these agencies it will make it much easier to do business across the Canada/U.S. border.

Although there are some concerns that Canada will end up giving the U.S. a part of their sovereignty, if done correctly this should not be an issue. The upside to this plan is a meaningful increase in business between the two nations. It will be easier and less expensive for Canadian companies to export products and services to the Unites States, the largest market in the world. It will also make it easier for Americans to sell their goods and services in Canada, the easiest and best way to expand internationally. The boost to both economies will be a positive outcome.

What this does in effect, is it makes the two countries a step closer to becoming a union, similar to the European Union. It still would not be there even with this new plan in place, but it is a step in that direction. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Obviously, Canadians would not want to become a part of the U.S. and have to deal with issues like the backwards U.S. gun laws, but if the laws are kept separate, there are advantages to being closer than the status quo. It will make it easier for both countries to compete in a global business world with the rising China and the eventual rise of India. The future looks to be one that makes Canada and the U.S. closer to one another. This is an inevitable and potentially good step forward.