Business of being a celebrity

Sandra Bullock at 82nd Oscars

The Oscars were held in Hollywood on Sunday night and the following day all the entertainment shows handed out their “awards” for the best and worst dressed for the event. I won’t get in to which celebs made it on the best and worst dressed lists because I’m really not that interested in those specifics. My reason for not caring much about who the critics liked and disliked on the red carpet is because it really doesn’t matter that much.

Although it is not very flattering to be on a worst dressed list, it generally does not effect how successful they will be in their movie career or any other side business for that matter. Also, being selected to the critics’ best dressed list one time will also not net you any new side gig and will not have any impact on your movie career either. If an actress (or actor) is chosen as the worst dressed celeb for the Oscars, then it really doesn’t matter because if their next movie is a good one and they performed up to their usual high standard, then all will be forgotten about their poor choice of clothing. However, even if they chose a great outfit for the Oscars and everyone loved it, then that will still not help them if their next movie is a total flop.

The only way that being on a best dressed list can help in some way is if the celebrity is consistently chosen at or near the top. If this occurs then that person may be able to have a clothing line as a side business. Also, the extra publicity will help their familiarity which increases their value as a movie star. Actually, the extra publicity can be gained by consistently being selected on a worst dressed list as well. As they say: Any publicity is good publicity. That saying is true in this case. The only time it can really hurt the celebrity is if they constantly wear real furs and leathers as this will garner passionately negative attention by animal rights groups and this will slowly start to decrease their value.

Overall, the Oscars are essential for celebrities to appear in as it is considered the ultimate event for the most talented people in show business. Therefore, even for the less known actors, by being in the same event as George Clooney, Matt Damon and Sandra Bullock, it will help the public see that person in a higher light than they previously did. Also, as long as they don’t offend anyone, they don’t need to worry too much about what they wear or whether they fall over their dress because it will only help them stand out in the crowd which is a good thing. More than anything though, the best service they can do for themselves is to work at being a great actor and make good decisions as to which projects to take. A good agent and publicist are also essential in show business. 

This post is not meant to give advice to someone dreaming of being a movie star but rather a quick glimpse at the business side of show business from the actors’ perspective on one particular issue.