Business allows humans to be a self correcting species

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I have always believed that humans are a self correcting species. They will often make mistakes, but they will eventually learn from those mistakes and reverse them. There are others that believe that this is not the case and that the species is doomed to destroy the world. The main issue that this debate centers on in today’s world is the state of our planet.

With climate change and the development of new economies in Asia and Latin America, a lot of people are concerned that we as a species will not reverse the damage we are doing to the planet and will eventually cause our own demise. It is obviously way too early to tell which school of thought is right, but there are some indications that humans are starting to change for the better.

I recently read a report that showed that people are buying more and more “green” products. Also, the numbers of products that are legitimately good for the environment are also rising, as opposed to the “green” products which are simply misleading consumers. Additionally, it found that large chains offer more of these eco-friendly products than small chains and independents. That last fact may come as a surprise to some but it shows that big business knows what consumers want.

This shows that people do have a lot of power over where we are headed. Obviously, large chains would not carry these types of products if consumers didn’t demand them. Since it is clear to businesses that people are demanding eco-friendly products, they are making them and this is beginning the all important trend of fixing the mistakes we have made in the past. I would expect that in 10 years from today, store shelves will be even more eco-friendly and virtually everyone will be buying “green” products.

Although the jury is still out on this debate and likely will be out for some time, it appears that all hope is not lost for the human race and we are starting to learn from and fix, our mistakes.