Burn victim loses lawsuit vs. Starbucks

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If you thought that it’s extremely easy to sue a company in the U.S. and make millions then this will come as a surprise to you. I recently read an article in the Toronto Star (click here to read it) that reported on a case involving Starbucks, the world’s largest coffee shop chain and a customer in her late 70′s. The court decided against the lady, giving Starbucks the win in the case.

The woman sued Starbucks after she spilt hot tea on her leg and foot quite badly. She claimed that it was a faulty StarbucksĀ cup design that led to the spill and burns. The tea was in a double cup which is very common when purchasing a hot beverage from a coffee shop. The lawsuit was for $3 million, but unlike most lawsuits, this one did not end up with a quick settlement. It is unclear which side did not want to discuss a settlement, but if it was the woman’s choice, then that was a poor decision in hind sight.

There are always stories in the news about people that won millions in odd lawsuits against large companies. It has even become a part of pop culture as these scenarios often make it to comedy shows on TV and in comedic stories that people share. However, no one really talks about all the cases where the large company wins the lawsuits. These stories are not as entertaining and don’t have the “get rich quick” or the David vs. Goliath intrigue to it. In reality though, there are many frivolous lawsuits against large companies every year. Sometimes, the companies settle quickly to avoid bad publicity. I guess in this case, Starbucks was fairly confident that they were going to win. Perhaps suing a large company isn’t a real way to earn a living after all…unless you’re a lawyer of course.