Boeing and Airbus reflect global economy

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If you want to see how the world economy is doing and what types of factors will lead the next several years, look at aircraft manufacturers. Boeing and Airbus are the two main large commercial jet makers. When they design a new plane, they plan to build and sell it for decades. In order to be successful in this approach, they need to take a very long view of where the airline industry and the world in general is heading. They take a longer view than almost any other industry.

Boeing recently announced an updated 737 jet. This new 737 MAX will be more fuel efficient and has already generated many orders. This follows Airbus updating their A320 to also be better on costs. Boeing also recently got their revolutionary 787 Dreamliner certified as worthy of flying by the FAA. The 787 is not a huge plane but is made mostly of a composite plastic and is easier on costs as well.

If you’re seeing a pattern here of being less costly then you are correct. Fuel costs are the name of the game for airlines and the world more generally. It will likely be the case for many years to come. The airline industry has been struggling to make money due to high energy costs and also maintenance costs for the planes.

I suspect that the next big development from Boeing and Airbus will be engines that run on something other than the traditional fuel. When this occurs, it will be the biggest change to transportation that the world will have seen since passenger planes took to the skies. That day may not be as far away as some think.