Being ‘green’ has irony

Greening world

Being ‘green’ is the popular thing to be today, whether in lifestyle or in business. However, is this just a fad or a trend that will last and develop in to the norm? I can’t presume to know the answer but if it will be a long term trend then, it will definitely have to continue evolving in to something more accessible and sustainable.

Being green or environmentally friendly (the less cool way of saying it) was initially promoted by a specific demographic and that demographic is still the leading promoters of it even today. They are new age hippies and they feel vindicated now that the things they have been hanging their hat on are now becoming mainstream. This demographic also tends to be fairly anti-business. This is where some irony comes in to play. The only way being ‘green’ can properly evolve and become a normal part of daily life is if business makes it so. Only business can create innovative and ‘green’ products and services and make them accessible to the masses.

All of the renewable forms of energy that are the hope of the future will only live up to those hopes if businesses invest in them and create less expensive ways to produce them and build the infrastructure for them. If businesses decided that ‘green’ initiatives are not the best projects to invest in, then being ‘green’ will run its course and once again be only popular with new age hippies.

That’s right, the way of life that new age hippies try to live and try to convince the world that it should be the way of life for everyone can only become that if the one thing they dislike more than anything else (business) chooses to do it for them. Perhaps this can be a coming together of the two worlds which will usher in even more serious investments and at the same time foster more positive relationships between that demographic and big business.

Groups and people that are anti-business often feel as they do because they believe that business is responsible for all that is bad in the world and the environment today. However, this is a false way of looking at the world. Business is merely a reflection of people and their desires, behaviors and preferences. Sure, the cars that spew carbon in to the atmosphere are made by companies, but it is every day people that buy them and do not want to spend more money on more eco-friendly alternatives. If business makes ‘green’ a part of every day life, it will also be because people wanted it enough.

In other words, to dislike business is to dislike people and ourselves. In virtually every case, if someone hates or dislikes business, then that person is a hypocrite.