Beauty is an advantage in business

The other day I was watching the season premiere of The Apprentice and I noticed that almost none (except one man) was over weight. Looking especially at the women however, several of them were attractive looking. It served as a good example that people are naturally biased towards attractive people. In business, attractive people have an edge over less attractive people.

This is easily shown in sales. When a male customer walks in to a store and is greeted by an unattractive female sales associate, he often does not really care to pursue a conversation. However, if that sales associate is an attractive female then, not only is he more likely to engage in a conversation with her, he is also more likely to act on her recommendations. This is especially true when shopping for clothes. The opinion of an attractive woman when it comes to clothing on a man is much more powerful than that of an unattractive female.

I am not saying this to encourage plastic surgery. I am merely stating a fact and one that can help businesses that are looking to hire sales staff or customer service representatives. In many cases, it is very useful to have attractive people on staff, particularly in positions that interact with customers. Don’t select this criterion instead of brains and other qualifications, but add it to the list of qualities a potential employee should possess.