Bar codes to appear in ads

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I recently read an article in the NYT (click here to read it) which reported that bar codes will soon appear in TV commercials. In fact, the article said that bar codes have already started to appear in magazines and billboards for some period of time. Personally, I have not seen bar codes in any magazines, billboards or TV ads, but maybe I just haven’t noticed them.

The idea behind this is that people will take a picture of the bar codes with their smartphones which can read them. Apparently, the amount of information contained in those bar codes is enough for a 5 minute commercial. It can also provide discounts for the item. This really maximizes the bang for the buck spent on those ads and is very smart for the advertisers to do it.

I think this is actually a great idea. The only potential down side I see to it is if the bar code is too large or positioned in an inconvenient spot in the ad. This could make viewing the ad less attractive and can turn people off from viewing it. However, assuming this is not the case, this is likely the next evolution in advertising. It enables marketers to push the product to customers in more personalized ways because the information will change to fit the location of that smartphone. It can also become interactive with the potential customer and this can create customer loyalty.

I am actually fairly excited to see bar codes in ads to see how marketers use the technology in creative ways to sell products. I hope this becomes more common soon.