Bad voting kills economies, people

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Have you ever stopped to think, how could that country vote for that idiot? There are many examples of world leaders that at least initially, were legitimately voted in by the people. The current president of Iran, the ruling party in the Gaza Strip and even Hitler himself were all voted in by their respective constituents. So what were those people thinking and why are other people in other countries destined to make similar mistakes in the future? For the most part, the answer is misinformation.

Information that is all encompassing and accurate is critical for everything we do in the world. It is essential in business for a company and management to operate. It is important in our personal lives to be able to act accordingly. And it is important when we go to the polls to elect a new leader. However, if the media doesn’t do a good enough job (either intentionally or unintentionally) at really getting to know the details about the candidates and what their real plans are, then you end up with an Ahmadinejad in Iran or a terrorist group running the show the Gaza Strip.

Misinformation does not always come from the media though. In fact, in the Gaza Strip it wasn’t bad information from the media that led to Hamas coming to power. It was the misinformation provided to the citizens throughout their whole life, especially in school. This type of misinformation is actually the most dangerous and is a major reason for a lot of the world’s geo-political problems.

In Latin America, many countries often choose between a leftist, socialist candidate that would kill economic progress and innovation (see Venezuela) and a more pro-West, capitalist candidate that will likely help that country to emerging market status and bring more people out of poverty (see Chile). Peru is making such a decision now as they will soon head to the polls. Unfortunately, it looks like they will be making the wrong choice this time and go with the socialist candidate. Although it’s obvious to us in North America that this is a bad option, the information they have from the media and their education clearly brings them to a different conclusion.

It is tough to really change people’s information overnight because we can’t teach their classes or be their nightly news. However, perhaps this is where social media can help send the right message. In reality, all Peruvians need to look at is how Venezuela or Cuba are doing compared to Chile or Colombia, for example. Right away they would see that capitalism and free market economy is the only good option available. Hopefully they will realize this before they make a potentially big mistake.