AT&T preparing for new iPhone

iPhone 4 Pictures, Images and Photos A bunch of media outlets reported yesterday that cell phone carrier giant AT&T in the U.S. is informing their employees and stores to be ready for large amounts of customers coming to their locations to pick a new iPhone that will be launched in early to mid September. This seems to be the most concrete piece of evidence out right now that indicates that Apple will be launching a new iPhone in about two months. A new iPhone is usually launched earlier in the summer but, obviously that has not happened this year.

This timeline that AT&T has apparently given to its employees makes sense because Apple has already announced that they will be launching iOS 5, their new mobile operating system, in the fall. This year the first day of fall is September 23, which may fit in to the timeline AT&T gave. It is very possible that Apple would launch a new iPhone on the same day they launch the new operating system that goes with it.

There are also a lot of rumours as to what exactly the new iPhone will have that the current iPhone 4 does not. However, no one seems to have real knowledge and is only speculating so I won’t bother mentioning them until there is some proof behind it. Instead, I will offer my own speculation which is based solely on logic and┬álikelihood. I suspect that the new iPhone will not be drastically different than the iPhone 4 in terms of appearance. I think will new iPhone will be more like the launch of the iPhone 3GS, which did not change the exterior much, but made improvement to the performance and some internal hardware. I think the next complete overhaul to the iPhone will not occur until next year.

That’s as far as I’m prepared to speculate on the possible new iPhone that may hit store shelves in September (23rd?). Until then, we will all have to hold our breaths in anticipation.