Are environmentalists right about shale gas?

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Shale gas is a growing source of energy that is found in large quantities in many countries including the U.S., Canada, Australia and others. It is a form of natural gas that is expected to be the dominant source of energy in about a decade. However, the potential of shale gas is limited in part because of critics that say this energy source is bad for the environment.

Obviously, this energy source is not renewable since it’s extracted from the ground. However, the risks that many people have linked it to like contaminated drinking water, an eye sore for the drilling area and massive risk of severe environmental destruction are all greatly exaggerated. In fact, this energy source is no worse and likely better than coal and even oil drilling. The only downfall it has is that it will delay the development of more expensive renewable energy sources like wind, solar, geothermal and others. This is the reason why environmentalists have made efforts to convince people that shale gas drilling is bad, whether their facts are accurate or not.

The reality is that renewable energy sources are extremely important for the long term. However, shale gas can play an important role for the medium term and serve as a good transition to alternative fuel sources. If we invested a lot more money and effort into shale gas than we may even be able to use it instead of crude oil for some uses. This would make the advanced world, especially the U.S. less dependant on the Middle East for its energy. People should take a serious look at shale gas and hold environmentalists with competing agendas accountable for inaccurate facts and smear campaigns.