Apple’s new rumoured product can affect many industries

Shares of Apple reached an all time high today fueled by rumours, yes rumours, of a new tablet product. This device is said to have a touch screen like an iPhone but larger and will essentially be a computer, but perhaps with a greater emphasis on media. There are also those who may be in the ‘know’ that have reported that Apple has been in talks with major TV broadcasters to have them put their shows in iTunes but instead of paying per use like Apple offers now, it would be a set monthly subscription allowing you to watch unlimited shows.

So first off, Apple would be taking a chunk, yet again from Microsoft as it has been investing a lot in to tablet technology in recent years and secondly, this would potentially shake things up in a significant and very noticeable way in the cable TV industry. Cable TV companies in the US and Canada are notorious for being some of the most disliked consumer product/service companies and Apple is on the opposite side of that scale (one of, if not the most liked company). If Apple has a better deal, which should not be difficult to do, as long as, they can get all the major companies on board then, it may very well force the cable companies to actually start giving its customers good deals such as not forcing to buy their channels in packages that always seem to result in paying for channels we don’t want and never watch.

If this does happen, it would affect everyone (assuming you have cable), regardless of if you purchase this Apple tablet or not.

The third industry that would be changed is the consumer electronics industry, but in a positive way, unlike cable companies and PC’s as now there would be a new gadget in our lives in addition to our cell phone/smart phone and laptop/desktop computer. Some people don’t like the idea of even more electronics distracting our daily lives. I for one am not one of them, in fact, I am all for new technologies to improve our lives. After all, no one is forced to have them. It will likely spur other companies to make similar products and a multitude of accessories. New business opportunities anyone?

There are many other industries that will be positively affected by this product from advertising agencies and their new avenue to reach their audience to gaming and other software application companies that can now make new and innovative applications for this tablet. It certainly brings new business opportunities to people on the business side and it brings new products and services, as well as, hopefully better value and service from cable companies to consumers.